Scottish Society Events

Have Fun and Support the Community

The Scottish Society of Charleston, Inc. is a nonprofit organization not only dedicated to preserving Scottish heritage and customs but also supporting the Lowcountry community. Through membership fees, donations, and funding from events, we have donated thousands of dollars to charitable organizations throughout the Charleston area. By attending an event, you are helping your community while having fun and immersing yourself in Scottish history.

Let the Games Begin!

Immerse yourself in Scottish history and traditions at the annual Charleston Scottish Games & Highland Gathering. At this festival, the sounds of music and cheer fill the air as history comes alive. Witness athletes compete in traditional Scottish sports, tap your feet to the Scottish Fiddling Competition, clap along to the beat as the Scottish Country Dancers perform, and choose a favorite at the Sheep Dog Demonstration. Witness ceremonies that are centuries old unfold before you and become a part of the rich heritage of Scotland.

Are you a member of the Scottish Society? If not, join today!