Information About The Society

The Scottish Society of Charleston, Inc. was founded to honor and keep alive the Scottish heritage and customs in the Lowcountry of South Carolina. Cherishing our past while preserving customs for the future, we host ongoing events in the Lowcountry which support the community and keep our rich traditions alive.



The Scottish heritage is full of traditions centered around tradition, festivity, and fun. We have a history of hosting events of both great significance and great revelry. In keeping with this tradition and our mission to keep the Scottish heritage and customs alive in the Lowcountry, The Scottish Society of Charleston, Inc. hosts events, large and small, throughout the year.

An Event for Everyone!


Sponsor An Event

Sponsoring a Scottish Society event provides many benefits. Along with promoting Scottish tradition and heritage, your organization will receive prime location in all Event marketing. Help to keep our Scottish culture alive and play a major role in helping the community.


Scottish Society Meetings

Find dates and information for upcoming Scottish Society meetings. Stay updated on Society news, events, and work in the community by attending meetings regularly. Scottish Society events are not only fun, but help support and preserve Scottish heritage and customs.


Information About Grants

Learn about Scottish Society of Charleston, Inc. grants, their qualifications, and how to apply. Promote Scottish heritage in the Lowcountry and work together with the Society while helping your organization. E-mail the Scottish Society of Charleston for more information at