Support Scottish Heritage

Help us keep alive Scottish traditions and history in the community. Help younger generations learn Scottish history and experience our customs. Help Scottish people connect and keep their culture thriving in the Charleston area. By donating, you make a direct impact and preserve our Scottish heritage. We are the only source for Scottish culture and history in the Charleston area, allowing members and prospective members to learn more about the Scottish culture.

The Scottish Society of Charleston, Inc. has been dedicated to spreading our unique Scottish heritage throughout the Low Country since 1971. Since our founding year, we have worked to preserve Scottish customs such as ceilidhs, Burn’s Night Suppers, and the Scottish Games, sponsoring a Scottish pipe band, and awarding scholarships in piping, drumming, and dancing.

Support the Charleston Community

Another major purpose of the Scottish Society of Charleston, Inc. is to support the community. Through the support of donors, we have been able to donate thousands of dollars to local charities. A large portion of the money we earn supports the Citadel Pipe Band, the Sandy Jones Invitational Bagpipe Competition, and other local charities. Our scholarship program was created to perpetuate Scottish culture and heritage and has helped numerous students pursuing education in Scottish studies.

As a donor, you will receive prime recognition in our marketing and at events. You will also receive exclusive benefits only available to donors. Help the community, help our Scottish Society, and donate today!

Receive a Scottish Society of Charleston, Inc. Grant

Are you a student pursuing Scottish studies? The Scottish Society of Charleston, Inc. offers grants to students whose education focuses on different facets of Scottish studies, such as piping, highland dancing, and Gaelic languages. Our grant program was created to perpetuate Scottish culture and heritage and has helped numerous students. Our mission to keep alive the Scottish heritage and customs in the Lowcountry, and our grant program is a major part of accomplishing this mission.

As a nonprofit organization, we have donated thousands to local charities and students in our community. You may be the next student to receive a grant and help to maintain the traditions and history of the Scottish heritage for generations to come! Contact us for more information.

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