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Over the years, The Charleston Scottish Games has piloted changes to piping, drumming and band competition registration that has now become the norm by other Piping and Drumming Directors.  Upon review of the cost of hosting an EUSPBA sanctioned event and fairness to all who travel to compete and participate in the Games Massed Band Ceremonies, the following policy has been adapted.

     Bands will receive a $250 fee for their contribution and participation in Massed Band Ceremonies.  Full band participation is expected and limited to the first 25 bands.

     In the past, bands received “travel assistance”.  No Games could possibly incur the cost of fairly compensating a band for their travel to participate in the EUSPBA sponsored competition.  No Band could possibly afford their fair share cost of compensating the Games for sponsoring the EUSPBA competition event.  The EUSPBA cannot afford to do either.

     Travel assistance provided by the Games is limited and most often goes to the band(s) in order of registration.  The “early bird” gets the assistance until it is doled out.  Often large band organizations get full assistance to all of their participating bands whereas other bands receive none.

     Bands travel to compete at the games!!  They accept they must participate in massed band events.  Games concede most bands would not travel to participate in massed bands unless they offer a competition.  It is the opinion of the Charleston Scottish Games Committee, that in fairness to ALL bands, their participation in massed bands is desired, welcomed and should be compensated in some way to show our appreciation. 

     Likewise, bands choosing to compete in the EUSPBA event should share the cost of conducting the competition (since the EUSPA does not).   In lieu of charging an exorbitant fee, they are charged a nominal fee to compete and are asked to accept the conduct of the competition as fair compensation for their participation.  Bands also are asked to accept that expenses incurred to compete is their responsibility.